About Z

Kathleen's Personal Mission to Advance Women

Kathleen, also known as “Z”,  brings a unique perspective and rare expertise. She has launched innovative inclusion programs inside both the workplace and the marketplace. Internally, she has experience helping recruit women and developing them both professionally and in leadership initiatives. Externally, she has developed business strategies to authentically connect with women customers and clients.

“I’m by your side with expertise, coaching, proven strategies, and a friendly ear. Basically, I've done it. I’ve been where you are. I’m here to help you accelerate your impact with women. Together, we can make meaningful change.”


Kathleen comes from a lineage of strong women. Her grandmother embarked to the U.S. from Ireland by herself at the age of 17 to provide for her family, and her mother was her fierce supporter who reinforced the notion that women can do anything. First in her family to get a 4-year degree, Kathleen has seen first-hand how access brings opportunity for women and emerging leaders.

Before starting Z Inclusion, Kathleen centered her 30+ year corporate career and philanthropic interests empowering women. Dubbed one of “19 People Who Will Change Wealth Management” (Financial Planning, 2018), Kathleen has been a “stormer and former,” launching award-winning corporate initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion, empowerment, leadership and growth.