How To Support Gender Equality in the Workplace

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As companies work to increase workplace diversity, it is important to be supportive of gender equality.
We need to be aware of bias in our work environments and actively seek to improve. So, what can you
do to foster gender equality in the workplace? Here are a few areas to focus on as you expand gender
equality in the workplace.

Hiring Policies

Reevaluate your hiring policies. Do you interview diverse groups of candidates? Is your hiring panel
diverse? Are you sourcing a gender diverse talent pipeline? If not, change your hiring structure to
promote a gender-inclusive workplace. Change your job descriptions to promote gender equality and
attract a diverse group of applicants. Altering your hiring policies is an important step toward increasing
gender equality in the workplace.

Workplace Environment

It is just as vital to cultivate a respectful environment that supports gender equality in the workplace.
Listen to your employees. Make sure that they feel valued for their talents and performances. Pay your
employees fairly, and be transparent in this process. Encourage a healthy work/life balance to help
working parents have every opportunity to further their careers while also caring for their family. Be
open-minded to new ideas and perspectives. Get feedback from your employees, address their
concerns, and make improvements when needed to ensure that every person is given an equal
opportunity to succeed, regardless of gender.

Management Training

Management needs to be actively involved in supporting gender equality in the workplace. Train your
leaders to open doors for diversity in your company. Encourage management to promote initiatives that
give resources to help advance women. Strictly enforce policies against workplace harassment. Facilitate
workplace mentorships and sponsorships, and make sure that these partnerships are gender diverse.
Provide opportunities for women to seek leadership opportunities to advance their careers.
Actively evaluate your company’s policies involving gender equality. Question your previous practices,
and implement new initiatives that support women. By working to ensure that all employees are given
the same opportunities and resources to succeed, you are making meaningful change as an ally of
gender equality in the workplace.