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I am my mother’s daughter.  My mother, whose own mother came to America all alone at the age of 17 in order to provide for her family that was facing poverty in Ireland.  My mother, who taught me anything is possible and was a staunch supporter of me and my dreams.  Her unending positivity and sense of adventure never ceased.  I often hear her words, “Go for it!” echoing in my mind.

A few years ago, I traveled to Ireland to visit with relatives and hear stories of my mother and our family – so many stories!  The theme that kept echoing with each story was the inherent duty of helping others, and the power in reaching back to bring others along.  I felt that duty in my soul throughout my entire career, to serve others and help others find success, but I never understood its origin until a visit to my grandmother’s homeland.

Tomorrow, I launch my diversity consulting practice focusing on the power of inclusion for women in the workplace and in the marketplace.  Women are powerful, women are smart, and women are strong. And by women, I mean all women including women of color, women in the LGBTQ community, and women of every generation. I can’t wait to focus all my talents to make sure the voices of women leaders and women consumers are heard.

I come from a lineage of strong women.  Women have sacrificed for my benefit, and I do not take that sacrifice lightly.  My gift to my mother, my grandmother, and the other women in my extended family is to exponentially multiply their gift of strength by empowering every woman I meet and represent. 

Okay, women, let’s go for it!

#ThisIsMyWhy #ChooseWomen #ZInclusion